March 29

Why Your Audience Hates Your Content

Let’s assume you’re trying.

Say you’re creating content and posting on social media, however, no matter what you do, your content simply doesn’t interest your audience. You see no return from your posts, your business shows no growth, and now you’re pretty sure social media just doesn’t work or taking the time to create custom content is a waste.

And you’re probably right.

But you’re not right for the simple reason that social media does not work or that content is dead.

You’re right about the fact that it’s not working for you and the reason may be that the content you’re making isn’t suited to your audience.

So how do you know that the content you’re making and investing time into brings no value to your audience and they’re not engaging with it simply because it doesn’t interest them? Consider that maybe…

1. You’re not creating content FOR your audience

Picture this : You’ve recently joined an online group for small business owners in order to network and connect with others who can understand your lifestyle. In this group, you could expect to find local meet ups, webinars, blogs related to small business ownership, or other content that may interest you as a small business owner. This kind of engaging content is what will keep you in the group as an active participant. The people who run the group and create the content for the group, understand that their demographic is small business owners and therefore make custom tailored content specifically for them.

Now picture this : Suddenly, the online group for small business owners starts posting articles and content multiple times per week related to weight-loss pills, tropical vacations, politics, or pop-culture. Their posts that do relate to small business owners are few and far between, and because of this you become a less engaged member of their group, and perhaps leave the group all together.

Now, why might this be?

This is because the interest group you joined about small business ownership is no longer bringing you value about small business ownership. Weight-loss pills, tropical vacations, politics, and pop-culture don’t relate to your lifestyle of being a small business owner, and while some of these things may interest you singularly, you likely consume these interests already from other specific groups or brands that you follow surrounding the subjects.

Think of your brand as an interest group. What is your audience interested by? What questions might they be googling? Answer those questions with your content!

2. You don’t use photos and graphics

If I may just blow your mind for a second here –

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.



Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.



There are more than 500 million Instagram users active every day.



So essentially, visual content is king. Pictures, videos, memes, infographics, you name it. Your audience doesn’t just want long ranting posts about your services. Your audience wants behind the scenes, custom graphics, and memorable images to feast their eyes on.

3. Your passion for your business doesn’t show in your content

If your posts are boring and bland, your engagement will be too. It’s hard to be excited to consume someones content when the content creator isn’t even excited to make the content. If you’re a business owner, hopefully you love what you do. Make sure it shows in your content.

4. You post content randomly and aren’t consistent 

One of the worst things ever, is getting hooked to a series on Netflix only to find out it’s been cancelled and you’ll never get closure. Your audience feels the same way when they only hear from you once every 6 months. Also, because you’re not giving your audience the chance to engage with you, they’re less likely to see the random posts that you do make. Depending on your chosen social network, your frequency of posts per day will vary, however trying to publish 1 new piece of content per day is a good place to start.

Need help creating a social media plan and content your audience actually wants to engage with? Get in touch. 

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