June 20

Website Speed Matters When It Comes To Advertising

Website Load Time Is Critical

When it comes to advertising in google ads, facebook ads, bing ads & other advertising platforms your website plays a critical factor in cost per click & cost per conversion.

Many agencies will build you a website that looks great but loads awful, which will end up costing you tons of money when you decide to advertise your business on Google search and or bing search and other platforms that generate leads.

How Does Website Load Time Effect Cost Per Click?

When it comes down to Pay Per Click (PPC) where you pay for a spot in search results (SERP) to skip to the top for the keywords that your customers are searching for to find you. Clicks can get very expensive, and one of the main reasons for this is a slow website.

By having a slow website you are known to google & bing and other search engines as someone who does not care about user experience which leads them to charge you more money for the same ad position as your competitor that has a fast website.

To better understand this here is an example: 

Your website loads in  5 Seconds so your cost per click for a keyword would be $10, Your competitor’s website loads in 2.4 seconds, their cost per click for the same keyword as you would be $3! Yep, that’s the truth many agencies don’t tell you nor do they want you to know that, because agencies want you to spend more money on pay per click management since they normally get a percent of your ad spend every month & also they don’t take the time to optimize your website load time and optimize it for minimum cost per click and give you a high return on investment, and sadly not everyone has the secret sauce to website speed.

How Can I Optimize My Website Speed Effectively?

When it comes to optimizing your website speed it is critical that you are on a good host, one of the main factors that cause problems for most people is their hosting is usually a slow one, its normal for agencies and or freelancers to recommend Godaddy hosting to their clients which  is indeed one of the worst hosting out there.

Here at ACED we set our clients up on a custom built speed machine on an amazon web server. Having a good web server is just one of the steps to having a super lightning fast website and or landing page, another thing you want to do is ensure that your websites are running the latest version of PHP and or whatever language is it that your website is built on, and last but not least make sure you have compiles CSS and HTML and javascript along with firewall cache and use a CDN for images, and ensure that your .htaccess and caching headers on your website is set up to make Google & other search engines happy.

If you need helping speeding up your website and or landing page feel free to contact us!

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