January 1

Pinterest Rolls Out Max Width Promoted Videos to All Advertisers

Pinterest is making max width promoted videos available to all advertisers following a successful beta test.

Max width promoted videos are around four times the size of standard Pinterest videos, spanning the entire two-column grid.

Pinterest began testing these wide-format video ads back in June with a limited number of advertisers.

The test proved to be a success, with Pinterest citing increased engagement rates and more efficient costs-per-view.

Pinterest references recent studies that show how different types of content work on its platform.

The company suggests advertisers test these different approaches to see what works best for their videos ads.

  • Video ads should include a logo and strong branding, made visible in the first few seconds.
  • People will reportedly engage even more if products are integrated into the video.
  • Instructional videos are said to generate longer watch times and are more frequently saved.
  • It’s a good idea to keep videos short, simple and focused on a key idea or message. Around 6-20 seconds is a sweet spot.
  • Instructional videos perform well with people on Pinterest, according to a May 2018 study.

The new option for max width video ads is available in Pinterest’s ads manager now. Reach out to your Pinterest sales rep or Pinterest Marketing Partner to get max width video campaigns up and running.

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